Hey! We are the McMorris Fam!

First of all…

There was never a thought for us to open a school (before now)! But one God put in our hearts and one we have become SUPER passionate about!
(This ‘about us’ is a little lengthly… but good! So please… read on :))

Here’s how it started… the world shut down & we were forced to become “teachers” as we struggled to follow along with the curriculum our kids were using at their private school. That was the seed God planted. Little did we know the future would consist of that seed growing into such an amazing space.

I never imagined homeschooling our kids. That was a big “NO” in every conversation. Two weeks before the 2020-21 school year started, we received an email from their school going over the new “guidelines” for the year…. Masks, temp checks, no recess, no art class, no group projects, no eating together for lunch, plexiglass…. I started crying while reading it. I put my phone down, looked at Ryan, & said, “I’m homeschooling”. He said, “okay”. And that was the first step of this journey…. #GodsPlan

#The Programming Is Real

We stuck with the same curriculum the kids were using at their school… with all intentions of sending them back the next year… when things turned back to “normal”….
Two months in… and we hated it! It was then that I started realizing all of the programming that was happening in schools. Hurry up and finish! Not allowing kids to critical think, creatively think, find their passions. They sat in a room all day… learning about things that they didn’t care about… and quite honestly, things that aren’t important in the “real world”.

I got mad. I dug in. I read a ton of books such as, Dumbing Us Down By: John Taylor Gatto. I got even more mad. I prayed for direction. God worked on my heart. The seed that God had planted grew…. And then again, I walked up to my (oh so supportive) husband and said, “We’re gonna open a school”. And yet again, he said, “okay”.

We had NO idea how this was gonna happen! But we prayed and said, “God if this is what you want us to do, you’ll guide us every step of the way”.

And here we are!

We are SO EXCITED about this plan God has for us… and for you! We are raising the next generation of Leaders with passion & purpose! Leaders that will change the world!

How did the foundation come into existence??

WELL!… Our vision grew! We want to make a bigger impact in the community… that will move across the world. We want to serve more than only the students that are able to go to Lifestyle Creators Academy. We want to provide growth opportunities for kids and parents. We want to give MORE to the community & give them a place they can call their own and become a lifestyle creator.

We shared our ideas and people wanted to donate and become a part of our mission. So we were led to create Lifestyle Creators Foundation. The foundation will help us launch the school the right way! Along with many other programs open to the public.

And now we are able to give back to our generous donors by advertising their business, collaborating & providing them with a tax write off.

We are proud to be part of the growing movement of business owners, parents and educators that are disrupting the current educational landscape.

We recognize that every person who walks through our doors has a calling in life and our mission is to help them prepare for it. We treasure their curiosity and nourish it. We value their time and their potential and have designed every single aspect of our mission to maximize both.

Meet The Board

Wesley McMorris, President

Wesley is the founder of Intentional Lifestyle Creators and owner of Lifestyle Creators Academy: An Acton Academy. She knew from a young age that she has an entrepreneurial heart. She always thought outside the box, went a different direction than others, & never gave up on her dreams.

Wesley has been developing her leadership skills for years. She served in the US Air Force, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wayland Baptist University, a Masters of Project Management from American Intercontinental University. She worked her way up the corporate ladder and realized that wasn’t for her. So she took a leap of faith, started her own business and never looked back.

Wesley is loyal and commited to serving and making a difference. She see’s the need of giving children, the next generation of leaders, the tools they need to find their true purpose, passion & happiness.

Kamieka James, Vice President

Kamieka holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science with a Special Emphasis in Information Assurance and Technology from Texas State University.

Kamieka has a strong character reinforced by her service in the US Air Force and the core values she embodies. She believes in service before self and volunteers at church in several community outreach programs. She continually exemplifies excellence in all she does as a published author and poet. Kamieka was thoroughly vetted and offered mentorship by an Elite Entrepreneurial group affording her the ability to grow holistically and develop as a leader.

An avid athlete in her formative years where she developed the commitment to team and the fortitude to win. As the coach of the 9-10 age group co-Ed team, she led the kids through an undefeated season. Teaching them the value of hard work, commitment and discipline. Kamieka is a curious independent lifelong learner. She is actually using her unique God given gift of Poetry to impact the world. She knows that the power of life and death is in the tongue and the importance of spoken word. She is intentional about speaking life, provoking thoughts and fostering positive changes.

Jon Gall, Secretary

Jon is an experienced Sr. level IT Professional [ie. Sr. Manager/Director]. Driven by his passion for technology, he takes pride in providing the sound technical solutions possible. As an IT Professional, his goals include Management, Strategy, Security and Execution of IT Infrastructure.

Jon has worked in the Information Technology industry for 23+ years, gaining experience in Desktop/Server Support, Cyber/WiFi Security and has become a prominent and well respected IT Analyst over the years. His passion for technology can be traced back to his time served in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he spent significant time working as a Computer Specialist [ISMO] stationed at several different duty stations across the world.

A pioneer in the Information Technology industry, Jon is driven by his mission to contribute to the world of technology; and is best known for inspiring young techs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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