We're On A Mission

The Lifestyle Creators Foundation is in place to completely shake up the traditional educational system at its core! For far too long long, we have just accepted the educational system for what it is.

We are here to provide families an alternative to traditional education by opening multiple Lifestyle Creators Academy locations nationwide. 

Our mission stretches beyond the students and parents enrolled in our physical locations, but is designed to help provide personal, business, and mental development for both parents and students both locally and virtually by providing workshops open to everyone!

The foundation funds innovative programs that offer families unique depth to their educational & growth experience. We also provide scholarships to students want so badly to attend Lifestyle Creators Academy, but can’t afford tuition. 

We are here to enable all children to find their God given purpose and potential faster; To help them learn and become independent, self-motivated CREATORS of the world.

First of all…


There was never a thought for us to open a school (before now)! But one God put in our hearts and one we have become SUPER passionate about!

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We couldn’t be successful in giving the next generation a brighter future if it wasn’t for you!

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We recognize that every student who walks through our doors has a calling in life and our mission is to help them prepare for it. We treasure their curiosity and nourish it. We value their time and their potential and have designed every single aspect of our school to maximize both.

All children should love learning and we are excited to bring it back! If you’ve forgotten what that looks like, we invite you to join us and remember.

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